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thinkific vs learnworlds


Thinkific vs Learnworld which is better for you? After the covid19 pandemic hit us, all the schools around the world were shut down. But the learning process didn’t stop, as a result, many e-learning platforms are on the rise nowadays. Thinkific and Learnworlds both are trending and satisfactory e-learning platforms. We’re here today to compare these two platforms to help you decide which platform is better for you.

Shortly, Thinkific is better for single course creators, short courses, and beginner learners. meanwhile, Learnworld provides large courses. This is the best platform for professional course creators. For example, if anyone looking for a four years graduation course from home, learnworld is best for him/her. On the contrary, if anyone is looking for a basic course on calculus, geometry, etc. Thinkific is the best platform. Let’s compare the price, technology friendliness, and the array of contents of both platforms.

Thinkific vs Learnworld pricing:

Thinkific pricing:

Free plan:

offers you 3 courses with all pdf, video, and audio format contents and with no transaction charge. You can have unlimited students.

Basic plan :

starts with $39 per month. It offers you an unlimited number of courses, students, custom domain and email integration.

Growth package:

starts with $99 to maximum $499 dollars. It is free for your first 100 students. But if you gather more than 100, then $0.10 for per student. It includes unlimited students, courses, and certificate publication advantages. It can also attract students from other platforms as you can promote your courses on other platforms too.

Learnworld pricing:

Starter package:

starts with $24 per month with a transaction charge of $5 for each course that you make. In this package, you can create three pages in your profile, the home page, course catalog, and after login page. You can take payments through Stripe, Shopify, PayPal, and 2checkout.

Pro trainer plan:

starts with $79 per month. It allows you the feature of memberships, students’ subscriptions, and payment in installments for students. You can add 5 admin or instructors to your course. And with no transaction fees.

Learning center plan:

starts with $249. It includes everything about the pro trainer plan and also more admins.

Thinkific vs Learnworld Features:

Let’s compare Thinkific vs Learnworlds of the platform’s major features.

Learnworlds Features

Platforms support:

Thinkific is web-based, They don’t have cross-platform apps like android and ios. Here Learnworlds wins. They are web-based also they have ios and android apps. User can enjoy the course phone their smartphones.

Types of customers:

Single course creators, small, mid, and big businesses and enterprises are using both platforms.

Customer support:

Thinkific and learnworld both allow phone-based service, video tutorials, and knowledge-based service.


Some features are offered by both of them. Let’s look at some of these features.
· Assignment management: Both allow assignment management and asynchronous learning for students.
· Activity dashboard: Both platforms have activity dashboards for course builders.
· API and academic/education: Both have education and academic courses that provide certificates and also API.
· Assessment management: Both platforms have this feature.
· Same integration: Both of them allow meta for business, google analytics 360, and the MailChimp platform.


· Access control or permission: Thinkific doesn’t need user data and information, but learnworld requires it for a better experience.
· Activity tracking: Thinkific doesn’t track your activity like what you’re teaching or learning or what courses are you taking, but learnworld may use it to recommend you better courses.
· Technology friendliness: Thinkific is handy for those people who aren’t that much comfortable with technology and are very easy to use. Learnworld is better for professional users.


Thinkific and learnworld both are useful platforms for learning in different ways. If you’re looking forward to starting an online teaching profession, then learnworld is best for you. On the contrary, if you decide to take up online teaching as a part-time job, Thinkific is best for you. If you’re a student looking for long courses and even an honors program, then learnworld is best for you. If you want to be an expert in some topics of your lesson particularly, like geometry, trigonometry, etc. Then Thinkific is best for you. Now it’s your turn to decide which way to choose to achieve greatness.

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