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My Seo Service

Rank your site #1 on Google and get unlimited traffic with 6 months

Keyword Research :

I will find low-competitive keywords for your business. Covering those keywords can generate maximum traffic. Most service site targets 100-120 profitable keywords. On this package, I will do the same.

On-page SEO: 

On-page SEO is the heart and the first thing for SEO.

Post content, Content Optimization, Internal linking, TF-IDF, content updating, Social share, Page speed optimization, etc.

Off-page SEO:

Citation for local business, putting your business in local directory site (for location-based business), Backlink building, Backlink analysis, Outreaching, and many more

Monitor technical factors: 

Technical issues are a big obstacle for SEO. If you face a technical issue and don’t respond immediately your rank may be lost or you may be on the blacklist. Seo depends on 200 factors, I will monitor all possible factors and technical issues.

Monitor google search console:

manage your search console and use those metrics to improve results.

Content Creation service :

Content creation on any topic by expert native writers. This service will be provided by a 3rd-party writer agency.

Result: The result of organic SEO is not instant, You have to give Google to rank your site for at least 4 months. After that, you see how your site is growing and getting traffic. So this package’s minimum time range is 6 months. After 6 months we guarantee your site traffic will grow, and your business will grow continuously with time.

All of the above(without content creation) will cost only 249 $/ month. I will be your marketing hand and handle everything. 

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