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Email is still one of the most popular Internet marketing strategies. And for good reason, too. It’s inexpensive and easy to get started with. Plus, you can measure return on investment with email marketing and make a campaign exactly how you want it — it’s highly personalized! As I’m sure you know, email marketing is a growing industry. Getresponse vs Aweber 

You probably heard the name Getresponse. It’s one of the biggest players in the email marketing industry with over 4 million customers and a lot of satisfied customers. If you take a look at their pricing plans then it also becomes pretty clear that they want to be the leader in this niche.  I’m sure after reading this Getresponse review you’ll reach the same conclusion I did – that they deserve to be at the top.

Let’s start.

Getresponse Intro:

It’s a powerful tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your email marketing. 

GetResponse is the all-in-one platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Through automation, email marketing, landing pages, webinars, and marketing automation features.

It gives you the power to grow your business the easy way, so you can focus on what you do best.

GetResponse provides an all-in-one online marketing platform for small businesses and digital marketing professionals. Easily build, test, manage, and optimize your email, push, and Facebook Messenger campaigns.

Your best marketing is personal. That’s why GetResponse comes equipped with email marketing and automation tools that make it easy to send messages that get results. Integrated analytics help you track performance, so you can improve your message and deliver better results over time.

Some key features of Getresponse:

  • Send newsletters to your email subscribers.
  • Create and automate email campaigns.
  • Detailed statistic report of your campaigns, shows how your campaigns are doing.
  • Integration with your existing system environment. Like WordPress plugin or salesforce.

Getresponse Pricing:

GetResponse offers four types of plans for marketing automation. You get tools for email marketing, landing pages and forms, webinars, and CRM. You can choose between a monthly subscription or annual subscription plan. The monthly subscription gives you access to features on an ongoing basis, while the annual subscription provides massive savings with year-long access to features.

GetResponse offers a free trial for its email marketing software, allowing you to send up to 1,000 emails to 100 contacts for free. The free plan also offers access to a landing page builder and basic website builder (1 web page). If you want more features, including CRM tools and webinars, you’ll need a paid plan.

# Free Plan

Getresponse has a free plan where you can get some limited features. The free plan allows up to 500 contacts storage.

Features For Basic plan:

  • Unlimited newsletters
  • 1 landing page. Create and host 1 landing page with a monthly limit of 1000 visitors.
  • Website Builder. Create and host 1 website and access all essential features like galleries, popups, and forms.
  • Custom domain
  • Signup forms

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# Basic Plan:

The basic plan with 1000 contact starts at $13/ month. You can change the contact storage up to 100,000 with an additional charge.

Features For Basic plan:

  • Autoresponders
  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited Website BuilderGet all advanced features inside the website builder and enjoy a bigger bandwidth for your website.
  • Basic segmentationSegmentation based on contact details stored in your account.
  • Email scheduling

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# Plus Plan:

Plus plan is the popular plan of all plans. The plus plan starts at $41.3 /month with storage of 1000 contact. You can upgrade the contact storage for an additional price.

Features For Plus plan:

  • Marketing automation
  • Webinars
  • 3 team members
  • Contact scoring and tagging
  • Advanced segmentation
  • 5 sales funnels

# Professional plan

Professional plan is the most featured plan of Getresponse. It is packed with all the email marketing features for professional use. Professional pack start with $83/month

Features For Plus plan:

  • Unlimited automation
  • Paid webinars
  • 5 team members
  • Ecommerce features 
  • Web push notifications
  • Unlimited funnels
Getresponse vs Aweber

Getresponse vs Aweber

See the discount here.

Getresponse Features:

GetResponse offers an unusually large feature set — including unlimited landing pages and webinars — which makes it easy to quickly get started with marketing automation. Just check out the dashboard below to see how easy it is to add subscribers, create emails, send broadcasts, automate your campaigns, and so on. You’ll soon be an email superuser!

With our industry-leading deliverability, advanced automation, and marketing expert services, GetResponse has the most powerful set of email marketing features of any tool on the market — including a number of unique ones you won’t find anywhere else.

GetResponse’s homepage includes this list of 18 features. For example, You can use our drag-and-drop editor to create a professional email newsletter or landing page in minutes. We offer 500+ customizable templates to help you get started faster.

Email Creator:

Creating an email has never been easier. Our email templates help you design a professional looking and effective email campaign with pre-built sections and modules that you simply fill in with your own text, images, and links. Choose the template that best fits your business needs.

Select from hundreds of professional-looking templates to create the perfect email for any event. No design experience is required.

Save time when uploading emails by choosing a template. You can change any visual aspect of the email without having to start over.

Drag-and-drop your way to a stunning email in seconds. Pick a template and customize it with our easy coding-free design editor — no limits, no fuss.

Use one of our free templates to build your campaign and schedule sends with ease.


An autoresponder is a sequence of emails that are automatically sent out to new email subscribers over the course of several days, weeks, or months. 

Autoresponders empower you to send out a sequence of emails that are triggered by people signing up for your contact list. Whether it’s welcoming new subscribers with a discount offer, or encouraging them to follow you on social media, autoresponders enable you to drip information about your business. This helps you build trust and good relationships with your customers.

Save time by setting up automatic messages to be sent to your new contacts at set intervals after they join your contact list. You can create and customise a series of follow-up emails, each triggered after a different timeframe, to keep your relationship with your subscribers going long after they sign up.

Send warm welcome messages, educational series and exclusive offers. Your fan-favorite products and services are just a few emails away.

Quickly create professional emails to automatically welcome and engage subscribers.

Email Analytics:

It’s all good if every one of your subscribers loves the email campaign you sent. But as we now know, that won’t always be the case. Sometimes, only a few will love what you sent, while others seemingly hate it or find it irrelevant or even annoying.

Email analytics, in general, are the measurements of certain factors that determine how a campaign works.

Having your list’s stats at hand, you can create a campaign that works best for them. Now, you have the data you need to improve your next emailing campaign.

Learn how your subscribers received an email broadcast, view unsubscribe and spam reports, and see what devices subscribers used to open your broadcasts.

Transactional Mail:

Transactional emails are an important part of your email marketing, and our Transactional Email API feature will make it easier for you to manage these communications. You can connect our API or SMTP to your e-commerce store and we’ll take it from there, sending invoices to customers and receipts to those who purchase on your site. Transactional emails are the only type of email that is 100% guaranteed to be opened, so you can make sure your message gets through with GetResponse.

Transactional Emails are emails triggered by every action a user takes on their platform. Emails are sent to their customers when they buy, add an item to their cart or you name it.

Always get your customers’ attention. Connect through their inboxes and get a 99% delivery rate with transactional email.

With GetResponse’s Transactional Email, you can reach your customers at every touchpoint of the transaction process.

With the help of the Transactional Email feature of GetResponse, it lets you connect its API or SMTP and send transactional emails to customers.


Webinars are one of the best ways to boost the sales of your business by educating your audience about your products and services. In fact, hosting online presentations where your potential customers can learn more about a topic is a great way to onboard them about what your business can provide.

Ready to host your online event? Thanks to GetResponse Webinars, it’s easier than ever to go live with a presentation, product demo, or training that you set up in advance.

See how webinars can help you grow your business with GetResponse. Join us for a live demo and Q&A.

Conversion Funnel:

GetResponse lets you build and deploy high-converting funnels in just minutes. With the right mix of landing pages, emails, and signup forms, GetResponse takes the guesswork out of funnel building so that you can watch your conversion rates soar.

With GetResponse’s Conversion Funnel, you can build a high-converting sales funnel that turns visitors into customers. 

GetResponse offers an easy-to-use Conversion Funnel feature that helps you convert your site visitors into leads and customers.

The Conversion Funnel gives you a clear, step-by-step strategy on how to transform your leads.

One of the biggest reasons why people don’t buy right away is because they need to be convinced first.

Getresponse Smart Intregrations:

To build stronger relationships with your customers, you need to find ways to connect with them. You need to keep in touch. Use our smart integrations to establish and maintain connections. Once connected, all your emails, contacts, and reports are available automatically in every part of your workflow.

GetResponse lets you connect to CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Integration partners that GetResponse has are Facebook, Google Analytics, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zapier, Intuit, Shopify and Google AdWords. Your integration options are quite wide with these integrations in addition to creating an integration through Zapier. Development assistance is also available for creating a custom integration.With GetResponse you have the flexibility to have integrations with Woocommerce and other marketplaces. Integrating to Woocommerce is important if you have an e-commerce store on your website

You’ll find quite comprehensive eCommerce functionality with GetResponse, too. It offers abandoned cart functionality to help you reconnect with shoppers if they decide to leave your website before purchasing. You can also set up autofollowup campaigns to win back first time buyers, and you can use the software’s email automation tools to convert one-time buyers into loyal repeat customers.

Salesforce Integration: Monitor and manage deals, salespeople and stages from your GetResponse account. If you’re running a successful business, chances are you’re looking for a sales and marketing automation platform that deploys an end-to-end solution. A sales and marketing automation platform allows you to maintain your database and keep it organized with all of your contacts’ crucial information. It’s sort of like having a personal assistant that keeps track of everything for you.

GetResponse offers over 170 integrations. They’ve organized them in a neat manner on their integrations page.

You can connect your GetResponse account with:

  • popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify
  • CRMs
  • payment gateways
  • Social media apps
  • landing page and popup builders
  • Conversion tools

Additionally, with the GetResponse API your build your own integration or use Zapier to connect.


How does GetResponse compare to Mailchimp?

GetResponse is a powerful email marketing automation platform that helps you get more from your list. While Mailchimp handles basic lists more effectively, GetResponse offers better email marketing automation at a better price. New to email marketing? Give Mailchimp a try and you’ll get over the learning curve in no time. If you’re experienced with email marketing, we recommend GetResponse for many reasons (a few of which we detail below).

Unlike Mailchimp, GetResponse includes more advanced automation functionality along with a wider variety of form types and templates. Our platform is easier to use compared to others, making it the perfect choice for beginners and experienced marketers alike.

Does GetResponse have a CRM?

GetResponse doesn’t have a CRM. It does integrate with CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SalesForce, Hubspot, Zoho and more.

Is GetResponse good for email marketing?

Yes.  GetResponse is one of the most user-friendly email marketing solutions. 

They offer an easy way to create and send email marketing messages that are highly professional looking, and add value to your website. In this review we will explore how GetResponse can help you achieve your goals by increasing sales and providing excellent customer support.

Can I use GetResponse for free?

The ‘Getresponse Free’ plan gives you indefinite free access to a cut-down version of GetResponse Alternatively, a fully-functional 30-day free trial is available (this can be used for lists containing up to 1,000 subscribers).

Is GetResponse easy to use?

On the whole, yes. However certain features aren’t quite as intuitive as they could be — the landing page creator and the form designer in particular.

How much does GetResponse cost?

There are four GetResponse plans: Basic, Plus, Professional and Max. To host a list with 1,000 contacts on the first three of these plans respectively costs $15, $49, $99. The pricing for the ‘Max’ plan is negotiable. As your list size increases, so does the pricing.

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