Hey, are you finding an Expert WordPress SEO service for your business website? Want to improve your SEO? did you hire freelance SEO WordPress but did not get results?  Do you want to work with an expert who will take care of everything? You are in the right place on the internet. I am an experienced SEO expert who has worked on many established websites.

Why need seo?

Seo stands for search engine optimization. If you have a resourceful website and you want to get traffic from search engines, you need to optimize your website with SEO.

Content, traffic, and revenue is the main element of a website. All are co-related. Good content brings traffic and traffic brings leads and revenue. Content should be optimized with SEO to get noticed by search engines.

SEO Audit

Website Audit by WordPress Seo Expert


Seo site audit visual presentation

To get an understanding of the current SEO condition of your site you need to do an SEO audit. Seo audit contains all the data about your website related to search engine ranking like optimization score, backing profiles, toxic backlink list, errors, the scope of changes, and other issues. We offer a free 1st-time SEO audit for our visitors. To get a free audit to click the link below

Our expert wordpress seo service:

Rank your site #1 on Google and get unlimited traffic. We are Expert WordPress seo service ready to provide you with top-notch SEO services for your business.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research by expert wordpress seo service


Low competitive keyword research

Our WordPress SEO specialist will find low-competitive keywords for your business. Covering those keywords can generate maximum traffic. Most service sites target 100-120 profitable keywords. On this package, I will do the same.

On page seo: 

The most important part of SEO is on-page SEO. This is more important than before. Almost 70-80% of SEO happens on-page SEO. Our working process on-page SEO is vast. It starts with Posting content, Content Optimization, proper Internal linking, fixing TF-IDF, Content Updating, Social Share, Page Speed Fixing and many more.

Our strong page SEO ranks a site on google without any backlinks(not on the 1st page). Don’t get us wrong, links are important to rank on the top. Here the next part of off-page SEO comes into play.

Off page seo:

Off-page SEO is important as before. Our working procedure in OFF-PAGE SEO is huge. We collect backlinks from genuine related websites with the white hat SEO method. Our off-page is not bound on backlinks (most marketers are limited on creating backlinks). We are more advanced than other marketers.

We monitor all backlinks, remove toxic backlinks, maintain ETA, make your site Authority, maintain public profiles, citations, social signals, and many more things we do for off-page SEO.

We know well how to get ranked on google from our past experience. The off-page SEO strategy is not the same for all websites. We change our strategy on every website. The best method that works well is to build relations with other websites with the same main niche and convince them to link back to our site.  

Content Creation service :

Content creation on any topic by expert native writers. This service will be provided by a 3rd-party writer agency who are professional in SEO writing. Powerful SEO writings help rank faster than normal writers. Our writers use premium powerful SEO tools like Frase, and SurferSEO to optimize their content.

Monitor technical factors: 

Every site faces technical issues, technical issues can affect your ranking. So we monitor those issues on a regular basis and solve them immediately. 

Additional Services by WordPress Seo Expert

Web Design and Development Service:

We also provide top-notch web design and development services. Especially on WordPress web development services. If you need this service, mention it in your message.


Some Results of this package.

What you will Get on this package?

  • Full Technical Audit
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Low Competitive Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Search Console Connect
  • Sitemap Submission
  • 5 Content upload and Optimization Monthly
  • 10 Citations Monthly
  • upto 5 Backlink Monthly
  • Integrate Schema
  • XML sitemap set up
  • Search console and analytics
  • URL structure and optimization
  • WordPress speed optimization
  • Installation of SEO plug-ins
  • Content development strategy
  • Link profile analysis
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • Detailed SEO reporting
  • Monthly SEO Report
  • & much more

Result: The result of organic SEO is not instant, You have to give Google to rank your site for at least 6 months. After that, you see how your site is growing and getting traffic. So this package’s minimum time range is 8 months. After 8 months we guarantee your site traffic will grow more than before, and your business will grow continuously with time.


Setup all essential plugins and settings for SEO and monthy checking reporting only.
$ 59 Monthly
  • Site maintenance By Professional SEO experts
  • Full Website monthly Audit ($150 value)
  • Technical Error checking and Fixing
  • Monthly Performance Reports


Basic package for kickstart a new website with limited content posting.
$ 129 Monthly
  • Upto 60 Profitable Keyword Targeting
  • Full Website Audit ($150 value)
  • On-Page SEO Optimization ($45 value)
  • 2,000 Words of Content ($80 value)
  • Total 2 Blog Posts per month
  • 1 Monthly DA 30+ Backlink ($100 value)
  • Monthly Website Optimization ($150 value)
  • Monthly Performance Reports


Get Your site Boost on Google ,Unlimited Traffic opportunity and grow authority.
$ 199 Monthly
  • Upto 120 Profitable Keyword Targeting
  • Full Website Audit ($150 value)
  • On-Page SEO Optimization ($135 value)
  • 5,000 Words of Content ($200 value)
  • Upto 4 Blog Posts per month
  • 1 Monthly DA 50+ Backlink ($300 value)
  • 2 Monthly DA 30+ Backlink ($200 value)
  • 4 Monthly DA 20+ Backlink ($100 value)
  • Monthly Website Optimization ($150 value)
  • Priority Support & Zoom meeting
  • Monthly Performance Reports
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